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As the retail market changes, the right real estate strategy is a key to success. We have a team of specialists who draw on their knowledge and experience and available resources to provide comprehensive and innovative real estate services to retail tenants and investors, regardless of the scale, scope or location of the assignment.

Drawing on industry experience and a global perspective, Cushman & Wakefield’s Retail Specialists can help you commercialise your property efficiently, capitalise on opportunities for retailers and provide the information you need to make decisions, whether it’s for high street, city or suburban shopping centre, retail part or any other type of development. Below is a list of the services we provide.


  • Preparation of SWOT analysis:
    – competition analysis – existing and planned projects
    – tenant mix analysis, based on turnover generated, OCR analysis
    – vacancy analysis
    – advice on potential repositioning/rebranding of the project
    – lay-out analysis
    – analysis of lease contract provisions
  • Preparation of GAP analysis
  • Preparation of commercialization strategy on the basis of the results of the above analysis
    – taking into account the purchase power indicator for a given region vis a vis generated turnover in a given market segment,
    – taking into account the latest trends such as: pop-up store, recycle – re-use stores, showroooms, click&collect and many others
    – verification of estimated revenue from lease rent – preparation / update of rent-roll including:
  • Tenants’ incentives: fit out contribution, rent -free, step rents
    – Cold-calling to verify potential tenants’ interest in the property.



  • Acquisition of new tenants for the property:
    – offerings
    – negotiating commercial terms
    – agreeing commercial terms
    – lease agreement negotiations
  • Effective renegotiation of agreements with tenants currently present in the property:
    – renewal of lease agreements
    – relocation
  • Verification of financial standing of potential tenants aiming at risks’ minimization


  • Preparation of a leasing report – according to the client’s guidelines,
  • Reporting meetings with a client min. 2 x month, report discussion



  • Development of a functional / commercial concept in cooperation with a project architect
  • Recommendations on optimum size of a project, focus on transport accessibility to a project
  • Positioning of a project, advice on a corresponding tenant mix (tenant demand testing and proper tenants’ selection
  • Advice on marketing materials, including development of a project presentation for tenants for conferences such as Shopping Center Forum (SCF) and others
  • Preparation of forecasts incomes for a project according to retail category and unit size (including estimation of fit-out costs)
  • Preparation of commercialisation strategy, including, but not limited to:
    – purchase power indicator for a given region versus turnovers generated in a given market segment
    – taking into account world latest retail trends such as: pop – up store formats, recycle/re-use stores, showroooms, click&collect and others
  • verification of estimated rental income – preparing rent-roll including incentives for tenants: fit out contribution, rent -free, step rents
  • Cold calling to verify potential tenants’ interest in a project


  • Consultation on the final concept of the project
  • Advice on the optimum use of the building space (cooperation with an architect appointed by an investor)
  • Ongoing consultations and potential amendments during negotiations with tenants during the commercialization of the building
  • Consultancy on the provisions of a lease agreement and annexes, selection of a law firm experienced in the field of retail formats
  • Representation of an investor in negotiations with prospective tenants and comprehensive services concerning the process of leasing
  • Preparation of budget and estimation of rental income (including fit-out costs)
  • Acquisition of tenants and on-going negotiations:
    – tendering
    – negotiation of commercial terms and conditions
    – agreement of commercial terms and conditions
    – negotiation of a lease agreement


  • Deep market insight and knowledge – close cooperation on market research, preparing market research reports
  • Consultancy work – preparing relevant market reports with requested analysis, with presenting Pro’s and Con’s for each location
  • Retail expertise – vast knowledge and experience Landlords and retail formats with a view on rents and turnovers
  • Negotiations – acquiring offers in targeted projects and potential projects (for comparison and negotiations purposes), negotiations of commercial conditions
  • Organizational work – full support you with all administrative necessary to close letter of intents as well as lease agreements

Cushman & Wakefield Polska

In 2022, for our clients

we rented commercial space in the amount of 18 582 m²

we rented commercial space in the amount of
18 582 m²

which it consisted of 97 successful transactions

which it consisted of
97 successful transactions