Marcin Gryżenia

Marcin Gryżenia

Marcin Gryżenia
Senior Consultant
+48 883 359 464


Marcin has over 25 years of experience in the gastronomy market He managed networks of many brands in shopping and officecenters in Poland.

One of the last new brands introduced by Marcin to the gastronomic market is the sensationally received by guests – Pierogarnie “Cake and Filling” where from the beginning of the company’s operation he was responsible for the operationand expansion.

Over the years of his work as a Managing Director, Marcin was responsible for the development and expansion in shopping and office centers of brands such as Marche at the Wrocław Culinary Academy as well as Olimp, Deli Sandwich at Krakow’s Gastromall.

He started his adventure in gastronomy as the owner of severalgastronomic concepts as well as working in the largestEuropean gastronomic company AmRest, gatheringexperience in many managerial positions.

He has extensive experience in the franchise development of the above-mentioned brands on the Polish market. He led many teams of hundreds of people with the task of delivering the best quality combined with profitability.

Marcin has been working at Cushman & Wakefield since 01/09/2021 as a Food & Baverage Expert at Retail AgencyPoland, looking for new solutions and ways of developing gastronomy in Poland.